As one of the owners of Afghan Interiors in Sydney, it falls to Michael Prato to take on the dirty work of buying all the stock. None of those easy, everything-in-one-place trade fairs. Michael goes straight to the source. Whether it is rugs from Afghanistan and Iran, embroidery from Uzbekistan or lamps, textiles and homewares from Pakistan, he’s there feeling the width and haggling in the markets. Of course, you have probably worked out that the raison d’etre of Afghan Interiors is merely to pay for Michael to undertake these luxurious buying trips…

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  1. Michael I have just reread Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy”, that wonderful evocation of India just after partition in 1951. The Zamindari Bill is played out with passion and prejudice in the legislature. It is sad to read that the feudal system is alive and well in Pakistan. Thank you for these vivid posts–much better than the old postcards. Travel safely. Steph.

    • Thanks Steph. I regret to say that the zamindars are still the key to Pakistani politics. Have you read ‘Pakistan. A Hard Country’ by Anatole Lieven?. This is by far the best recent analysis of contemparary Pakistan that I know of. BTW you’ll be getting the postcard as well with a bit of luck!

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